Be a creator, not a user.

No need to spend months learning to code, start building apps and automations with SplootCode.

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There’s an API for that

APIs allow you to access a whole world of data and tools, including the apps you use every day! Just a few blocks in SplootCode can open up any API on the internet.

Send prompts to chatGPT.

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Send automated messages to Discord.

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Fetch stock prices and add them to Airtable

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No $%{}#.

No need to learn new meanings for each key on the keyboard. SplootCode provides structure without syntax errors.


As fast and smooth as text.
If you know what you want to write, just write it. No need to drag & drop, unless you want to!

Real Python.

Have the full power and flexibility of Python at your fingertips.
This is not a toy.

If I had to learn programming again I would definitely use Sploot!

– John (Beta user)

Writing in Sploot feels so safe, I don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes anymore.

– Briana (Beta user)

It’s great to have all the Python features just there so I don’t have to Google them.

– Pete (Beta user)

Code that explains itself.

No matter how much experience you have, it’s still a struggle to know what the code is really doing at runtime.

SplootCode shows you what really happens on every line, without slowing you down.