Python 101 course

Jan 2023 edition

Learn the basics of Python with a new tool that lets you jump straight into writing your own programs.

What we’ll cover

  • Basic programming concepts of variables and types of data.
  • Python control structures for decisions and loops.
  • Data structures with Python lists and dictionaries.

At this stage we are only able to run the course for 10 people, so make sure to respond to our survey in detail.


Cost: Free

Start date: Jan 9th 2023

Length: 4 weeks (1x 2h session per week)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm AET

Your instructor

Katie’s 14+ year career as a software engineer has been pretty darn fun. She helped develop Google Docs and later was on-call for some of Google’s biggest cloud infrastructure as a Site Reliability Engineer. She solved some serious technical and operational challenges at Campaign Monitor as lead of the engineering productivity team, and she helped get education startup Grok Learning off the ground as their first employee. Today you’ll find her freelancing for startups, as well as working on her own projects.

Fluent in several programming languages, she’s at home in both the web browser and deep in the cloud. She’s been teaching programming to beginners for a long time, with many of her past students now working at Google, Atlassian, and a range of exciting tech startups.