Screenshot of SplootCode interface showing a python while-loop

Write code the easy way

Beginners can learn to code by browsing blocks and dropping them into place. At the same time, if you already know the code you want to write — just type it!

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In the meantime feel free to check out the source code.

No syntax errors

Code has structure to it, why not write that structure instead of writing arbitrary punctuation symbols into a text file? SplootCode has no syntax and indentation errors that so trip up beginners.

Immediate feedback

You don't even need to press "run" to find out what your code is doing, the result of each line of code is shown immediately.

Code with a keyboard

Just like coding with text you can navigate with a cursor and create code by typing with autocomplete. It's faster this way and smooths the transition to text coding.

Low floors and high ceilings

Easy to get started but as limitless as Python or JavaScript

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When you can code there are no limits to what you can build. Python is used for machine learning, data science, electronics, websites, chatbots and more!

SplootCode is designed with the full flexibility and range of text-based Python. You're not limited by the set of blocks available, only by your imagination!