About us

We are an engineer (Katie) and a designer (Mattia) on a mission to make programming accessible to anyone.

Katie Bell is a software engineer with experience across a wide variety of languages, tech stacks and scales. She spent 6 years at Google, 2 years in a learn-to-code startup and was tech-lead/manager of the engineering productivity team at Campaign monitor for another 3. In the last two years, she’s been freelancing for other startups (including solo building the MVP for one of them) and teaching at General Assembly while she re-writes their course materials. She’s been teaching coding for so long that many of her former students are now senior engineers at Google, Atlassian and Canva.

Mattia Fregola is a product designer with extensive experience across design disciplines, including brand, UI/UX research and design, and data driven product strategy. He led design at startups Foodbomb and Josef, and experienced hyper-growth at Deputy with the team growth from 70 to 330 within less than two years. His own experiences in learning coding has made him passionate about building a better experience for others.