Python coding for non-engineers

So you want to write some code without needing to become an engineer?
SplootCode is the perfect place for you.

SplootCode short demo

Quickly master Python

Learning to code can be a daunting task: endless tutorials with no practical use can be frustrating and the tools you learn from can be insurmountably hard to use.

SplootCode makes using Python easy with an intuitive interface that lets you see everything that’s happening in your code.

SplootCode is filled with resources to help you get started

Goodbye $%{}#

SplootCode gives you all the code syntax structures, so you don’t need to waste brain-power finding missing brackets ever again.

De-coded code

Writing with SplootCode allows you to focus on the meaning of the program. No more “error: missing bracket at line 29”.

Line by line annotations

When running a SplootCode program you get to see what each and every line of code is doing. Finally, understandable code.

If I had to learn programming again I would definitely use Sploot!

– John (Beta user)

Writing in Sploot feels so safe, I don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes anymore.

– Briana (Beta user)

It’s great to have all the Python features just there so I don’t have to Google them.

– Pete (Beta user)